Frequently Asked Questions

a. Behave in the chat.
b. Have fun :).
We do not share ANY of your information.
You log in through Steam, at the top-right corner of your browser.
a. You are not logged in.
b. You are banned either temporarily or permanently from chatting. (Contact support in case you feel you have been banned without reason).
c. You may have spammed the chat and been timed out for a period of time (5 minutes usually).
Items are priced based on the current Steam market value (certain items are priced by SteamAnalyst).
a. You changed the offer that the bot sent to you.
b. You sent an offer to the bot. Only the bot can send you offers, not the other way around and they cannot be changed under any circumstance.
c. You traded some of the items within the original offer to someone else.
d. All tradeoffers are only available for 10 minutes.
CSGOSwapper may take an approximate 0-10% fee of the total value of each game. It allows us to maintain all services related to keep CSGOSwapper running (Raffles, giveaways, quizzes, earn-money program, referral, etc.). Winnings shown on the site, does not take the fee into account. Add "" to your steam username to reduce the fee to 0-8%.
The quizzes are run by moderators and have a cooldown of 20 minutes. Please do not beg for the next quiz to start :)
No. This is a precaution for YOUR protection. Also it is only possible to deposit and withdraw items using your own trade link.
a. Be sure to set your Steam inventory to public.
b. Our bot may experience heavy pressure or the Steam market could be delayed.
c. Make sure that, your mobile authenticator has been enabled for at least 7 days. d. In case you haven't received a trade offer within 15 minutes you may contact support.
You can obtain skins from either the Steam market, playing CS:GO or sites such as
a. The price of the item has recently changed dramatically and has been temporarily removed to avoid fraud.
b. If you do not see any items in your inventory, make sure your Steam inventory is set to public.
a. It can take up to 10 seconds to process your trade offer.
b. Or Steam is down and it will be added once Steam is back up. c. Alternatively, contact support.
No. We do not refund any credit that has been part of a pot.